Each of us has a unique voice in the realm of music. Using a combination of both professional training and personal experiences, it is our goal to provide each aspiring musician with the tools necessary for self-expression. Music is a life-long journey that is never quite complete. Each of us, driven by passion and curiosity will find this to be quite the adventure! In this process, the exchange is dialectic. Working together, members of CABB expect to learn new things everyday from  peers and students during workshops and rehearsal sessions. If we knew it all, the road would be quite uninteresting!  Using classical theory, jazz innovation, and an exploration of various techniques and genre-types, it is our mission to provide each musician with the ingredients necessary in developing a voice that is confident, expressive, and spontaneous!



      CABB believes the best way to develop skills, confidence, and creative exploration occurs through the experience of performing music live! Although there are no recitals in the traditional sense, students are encouraged to partake in performance opportunities where they are both challenged and comfortable in what they perform. For more information, send us an inquiry through our "CONTACT" forum. Dates and locations will be posted throughout the season via email (cmjazzconnect@gmail.com) for the 2018/2019 season.

Photos by CoCo Boarman